001/365 happy new year

Each year, January 1st ushers in a new looming sense of responsibility to take charge of the future.  This year, I am encouraging myself to accept the progress of each day rather than waiting to go after my goals.  2018 was nothing like I expected and yet I am so grateful for the ways it pushed me to grow.  To celebrate the possibility that 2019 brings, I am trying out a blog to share snippets of my life.

A tradition of mine for New Years is to write 20 things learned from the previous year, so here are 20 lessons from 2018.

  1. The more challenging a goal is to achieve, the more rewarding the end result
  2. The best people don’t disappear when things are difficult or when distance is far
  3. Family isn’t limited to your blood
  4. Applying to college requires much more self-evaluation than expected
  5. I can bake apple pie from scratch
  6. Nothing is to be gained from constantly protecting yourself from failure
  7. Spending time with animals is always therapeutic
  8. A bit of paint & spontaneity can improve any space
  9. You are never too old to swing in the rain
  10. The list of places I call home is growing
  11. Listening to people talk about what they love is beautiful
  12. Choosing to stop questioning your instincts is liberating
  13. Not everyone from Arizona is tan & not everyone knows how to work a toaster
  14. Pain is there for a reason; listen to it
  15. Road-trips are the best time for thinking, napping, and connecting
  16. Self-awareness must foster a balance between improvement & acceptance
  17. Be proactive in choosing to be excited about the future
  18. You have to forgive yourself to recognize what you have accomplished
  19. Friends with entirely different backgrounds can teach you the most about your own
  20. Never underestimate the power of a strong cup of coffee or a well-timed song


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